Dear God, I believe in a happy, healthy, free, abundant and humanized world. Please help.

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We are amidst the global pandemic. Sometimes, when I look around I feel scared, sometimes confused, sometimes angry and sometimes peaceful too. Sometimes, my heart is full of gratitude that amidst all this we are with our loved ones, we are safe in our homes and we have everything we need. Sometimes I feel like crying when I see the situation around for those who have fewer resources and sometimes, I feel more grateful if I am able to help someone around. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride sitting at home and doing household chores. Still, I feel so grateful for most of the part of the day.

We have been reading many things and do not know what’s true. Its a fake pandemic or it is really there. They want to control us or they want to protect us. Do not know if we would get to know. But we all are in this storm.

Still, I have always learned, known, believed, experimented on a few facts.

We create what we believe in. The images we see in our mind, start happening in our lives.

I do not want to create an image of fear, a controlled world in life. I want to see a happy, free world, where people are freely hugging each other, children are playing freely in the parks, we have a huge gathering to celebrate something, we are traveling freely to relax and gather memories with the families, we are eating out with friends, we are happy when someone comes at our door instead of feeling scared what if it’s an infection, we are free to buy toys for kids, children are going to schools and making friends, we are meeting our families and laughing, we are celebrating our festivals, and of course taking care of the earth and environment and each other.

Dear God, please create a free, happy, abundant, humanized world, where we feel like humans and happy and compassionate humans rather than some controlled devices or robots.

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