Raising a child gives us an opportunity to learn to serve and to love. Do not see it as a task.

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When I look at small babies, I look at their eyes full of everything, love, questions, twinkle, some magic, some naughtiness, a lot of divinity, I get mesmerized. They are so divine that we all can bow to them. They are the most beautiful gift of God. Children are a blessing from God.

Why are the a blessing?

Because they give us an opportunity to love someone, to do something for someone, to learn to give and be happy about that. In return when they bring those smiles and hugs and small work of arts, and a lot of time to play and have fun, it feels like it’s worth everything. They give us the value, which we have never felt before.

I know, it’s a journey to raise a child being a mother of two. Sleepless nights and longest of days. They are 5.5, but still I feel I hadn’t had a sound sleep in ages. They cough and I wake up. But they are also my pillar of strength. What may come, they come and hug me and love me.

But why i am writing all this? I get calls sometimes, where the children are taken as a task. Feeding them is taken as a task. Cleaning them is taken as a task. Doing anything for them is taken as a task. And if it is a task, they are trying to delegate that task. And then there are arguments because it is a task. Is it fair to the child? And what kind of emotional development the child will have. How the child will respond? A person can give only what he has received. If a child is received as a task, this is what he will become and this is what he will offer back.

How can we blame the next generation? I went to many schools to understand the generation gap. I understand there is a gap in technology and exposure. But we need to bridge this gap with values and love. That remains same. And if we can fill up the gap with love and values, we will always find a way to fill up the gap. But without the values and love, we will only widen this gap.

They are not task. They are our love personified. They are our love embodied. They are divine himself playing in our own yard. Lose yourself in their little plays and pranks. You will find yourself. You will find the gist of this world. You will get what you will give. They will give what they have received.

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