I choose love. I choose gratitude

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He had a traumatic childhood. His father died. His mother was in mental asylum. He grew up with his grand parents. His uncle used to beat him. His cousins bullied him. He was on the verge of reaching to mental asylum himself. He was unable to think or do anything. He felt that he was not responding to any medicines. I wondered how he could be helped. Then asked him to just repeat Thank you, God in his mind. He did not have to do anything else. He just had to repeat thank you, God in his mind. Within one month, his health started improving. he started sleeping better. This also improved his energy levels, and he felt that every part of his life was getting healed. He started feeling gratitude for his life rather than feeling like a curse. That also improved the quality of his life. He felt like smiling and strength to start his life and working again.

He felt so angry all the time. When he was angry, he threw things, he broke things. His family was always scared of him. And to suppress that anger, he started hurting himself. He wanted help, but he said that he cannot do anything. His parents wondered if he should be put on drugs. I am always against drugs if things can be changed without them because drugs start interfering with our brains. And he promised he would do anything if it can help him normalize his anger. It’s not about controlling others behavior, it’s about managing how we feel. So he started repeating I love you in his mind. And within one month, he felt so peaceful. He didn’t even feel like getting angry on anyone.His relationship also started improving.

Yes, love heals all. Gratitude heals all.

Any kind of negative thoughts starts disturbing who we are. They start draining our energy. We are pure love. When we start directing energy with love and gratitude, we fill up ourselves with divine love. We fill up ourselves with divine himself. That starts healing everything.

DO not let your mind be idle. When Idle, start repeating, Thank you God, or I love you God, or God bless you. Choose your divine and you will feel divine and peaceful yourself. Simple chanting and simple healing.

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