A peaceful mind creates a peaceful life.

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This covid situation has a new gift. Mentally disturbed individuals. People of all the age groups are sitting at home and everyone is losing his mental peace. Whether it’s children, teenagers, young adults, grown-ups, middle-aged, old ones. Everyone is facing own challenges. It’s affecting their health, their mental health, emotional health and everything else. They are at home, fighting with each other. So many people call up and say, in 10 years of married life, we never had problems but after this Covid situation, we can’t see each other face to face. Children have own issues. They do not have friends, they can’t play as much as they should be. They are more hooked to screen which again gets them thrashing from their parents. They build up different level of stress. They need physical activity which they are not getting. This is anyway hampering their growth. The older generation, they need different type of relaxed environment indoors and outdoors. They are stressed. Then we need fresh air and sunlight to be healthy. Even for mental health we need sunlight and fresh air which we do not realize. When we step out we feel better. Everyone is losing mental balance and we need to understand a few things here.

Whatever is the situation, we still need to find our peace. Despite everything else around us, we need to find the peace. This peace cannot be found from the environment. It has to come from within. We need to start focusing on peace inside. We need to find the solutions, which will bring internal and external peace. We need to do things which will make us feel peaceful. I remember, one gentleman saying, I did not pay to the people thinking it’s a lockdown time and it became my biggest reason of stress. All the time, I was feeling so guilty. Finally I paid and I felt so peaceful and since then, I do not shout at anyone. i feel so peaceful inside.

How meditation brings peace? It helps us in getting rid of a lot of thoughts which are wrecking havoc inside us. It helps us in gaining insights. It helps us in self realization, and then we start feeling peaceful. I am not asking to sit and meditate. But what I am asking is, sit and analyze own thoughts. Ask yourself, where is it headed. Why is it important. If something is bothering, then ask yourself how can I solve it peacefully. When you will start heading towards peace, you will feel peaceful. A peaceful person will start creating a peaceful life.

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