The question persists

sheetal Uncategorized

I have a belief that there is a power which has been by my side in good and bad and has given me the strength to be myself, I name that belief as God. So I believe God exists and this is the belief that he does and he is the strength and he si the power. But my question is not whether he exists or not because when i believe he does then nothing can defy him…my question is ….

Why did he create us with an ultimate aim to reach all aims decided are worthless..every other achievement is worthless…. its like same thing..humans create robots and want them to obey our orders and to follow us..same thing god wants..he creates his robots and wants everyone to follow him and if they dont then you are categorized as bad ones, evil ones. but if everything happens with gods will then why did he create both and why did he create us et all…because he wants us to reach him and then he gave us free will test our strength and see hwo much we can fly……uff..everything is so complicated.

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