Destination is same, path is different, light is same, body is different!

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I am still confused about my question, why did God create us, I spoke to Ishan(my friend), what he answered was, its evolution not God because I believe God is a good belief, and evolution is a part of it, I would not deny something until I know it doesnt exist, I cannot accept until I know it exists, its kinda agnostic…so lets go to started from something from one cell to two cell and then to some flora, fauna humans and mammals, but the big question is what directed what? If whole world started from same, why do we have whole world, everything should looked same, what is the force behind everything…if all the humans evolved from same, why are we different outwardly, why do we have different emotions, why is there a difference, why is there a good and bad….so there is a power and if that is there that is called as God, I cannot deny his existence, then if our ultimate aim is to reach God and we are evolved from him, then why did he create us with the only aim given that we should reach question still persists…..

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