Life is full of Crackpots!

sheetal Uncategorized

Life is full of crackpots..and I am one amongst them..this whole world is one crackpot..everyone is no no….I am not sounding cynical..I am perfectly happy in life ..but in a way everyone is lunatic..there are only two categories of the people… Number one who wants everything in the whole wide as per them..and they don’t like the world if world doest follow them….and the second type where they follow those rulers and they don’t like the world because they have to follow others… and sometimes as per situation we switch position, we may want to rule or follow….

So in both situation we complain, when others are not following us and we want them to and when they are not it means somewhere we are following others….so whole world complains and this way we get into habit of cribbing this whole world is full of crackpots and I am one too…

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