“Om Ahem Arogyam” Heal yourself, wake up your own healing powers.

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She fell sick and then she kept falling sick. She wanted to do a lot of work and she did not like herself like this. She took many medicines and then they supported but it lingered. She wondered what to do. She shared that, from inside she could feel that her body was becoming weak. Sometimes, her head, sometimes her nerves and she started having pain in different body parts. She contacted her friend and she asked her to practice Om Ahem Arogyam which means Om- which is the sound of Universe, or let’s say when we chant Om, we pull in Universal energy. It’s like calling up the Universe or waking up the Universal energy inside us. Ahem, means me in Sanskrit. Arogyam, which means 100% health. She started chanting this with every sip of water and her health started improving. She started receiving the right diagnosis which helped in her treatment. It also woke up her internal healing powers.

Now, why water is improtant? Water has memory. It stores the information spoken to it. There have been many experiments on how the molecular structure of the water changes with different words spoken on it. May be that’s why, in Ancient India, they used to read Mantras on water and sprinkle them around. And water is 70% of our body. So when water with particular chanting enters into our body, it starts bringing in that change at a bigger level. She started healing herself and also started thanking her surroundings for healing her.

Heal yourself. Wake up your healing powers. Live a healthy life.

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