Our thoughts drive our words and actions. If we want to correct our actions, we need to change the thought process first.

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One couple came with lots of fights. They said that they had been fighting almost two times every day. On everything, they were scared, that they will fight. They wanted not to fight. However, they just could not hold it.

I asked them if you have been fighting in your mind all day. If you keep fighting in your mind, if you keep arguing in your mind all day, how can you not fight in your life. To stop fighting in your life, you need to stop fighting in your mind first. They followed certain mind tricks like practicing blessing each other all day, gratitude etc to change the thought process and eventually they could stop fighting.

One gentleman was always scared as he was picking up small stationary items from office now and then. he shared that he did not want but was like kind of out of compulsion. He was earning enough, and he did not want anything like that. So I asked him, what is your thought process when you see the items in office? He shared that he always wondered if it would look good in his collection and how he could have a bigger one. Why do you want a bigger collection? Just like that. So you need to start thinking that they are not yours. You do not need a collection. You are best when you are honest. It is not about knowing stealing is bad, it’s also thinking always that you can increase your collection by buying things rather than just stealing.

She would always hurt people with her actions. As soon as she would see something not as per her, she would hurt them. She would smash their fingers, she would pinch them or anything. I asked her, why do you do that? She shared that I cannot control at that time. Because I do not think. perfect example of people who take actions and then think. So let’s say have no intentions. But they need to start thinking when they are not doing. She needs to start thinking taht how she was pushing everyone away. What actually she wanted rather than those small things. When she started thinking, she started changing her behavior.

If we really want to change our actions or words, we need to start changing the way we are thinking. That is what driving everything around.

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