We all need to allow ourselves to heal after every pain, or it will always keep hurting.

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At the age of 30, she had as many as ailments as an 80 year old would have which no doctor was able to heal. She was not responding to the medicines. Everyone wondered why is it so. Her father died when she was just 12 and she started working. Her mother lost her mental balance and she was taking care of the sick mother. her rest of the family blamed her for the curses on the family. She never got an opportunity to heal. Every small pain was stored in her heart and mind. She had no one to talk to. When she started talking about her pain and when she started allowing herself to heal, she started responding to the medicines too. She realized that she never got time to heal her emotions and everything started reflecting in her physical body.

At the age of 38, she was married for 20 years. She had lived in a joint family and she had many health issues. She wondered if this was because of the environment around her. She tried doing manythings for everyone but still there was always someone who pointed out a mistake and she had to hear out a taunt. All the taunts have become emotional abuse. When she started talking, she realized that whenever she felt hurt, she never had time to sit and process or talk to herself. She did not allow herself to have tears and simply kept working.

There are many scenarios in our lives where we continue living our lives and do not allow ourselves to heal or experience that pain. We try to bury and it keeps coming back. What we need to do is, whenever something hurts us deeply, we need to allow ourselves to talk about it. We do not have to feel proud of the same that we managed everything alone. We need to discuss and get things sorted. We can spend time in nature and let ouyrselves heal. Simply burrying the pain would never help. it would put the seed of something bigger for the future.

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