Our health is what we eat and what we think. Keep a watch!

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I have always been very cautious about my health and what I eat and my lifestyle. I wake up early, go to bed early, eat limited, and eat healthily. take care of my morning walks and breathing exercises and I have made all this a part of my lifestyle. In May, I got all my regular tests done and all the reports came normal. One of my friends laughed, you are as healthy as a horse. But then, my daughter fell very sick. She was bedridden for days and then recovery was slow. I was so stressed and crying the whole day. The other one started staying depressed. She stopped sleeping, stopped eating, and stopped going out. The work also started getting affected. Everything was coming from every direction including servants. I would look at my daughter the whole night and heal her and pray for her. She would scream in her sleep with pain. And after her recovery, I fell sick. the sickest I have ever been. Every third-fourth day, there was some new infection. Got all the tests done and got to know, that I have become anemic. This time, my diet had not changed but my thought process. The stress changed my health from being as healthy as a horse to permanently sick.

So the learning? When they say, “chinta chita samaan”, they are not lying or misguiding. They are saying to protect us.

The solution?

Keep a watch. Also, be there for your friends and family members. Help them in releasing their stress. Find ways to release your stress. Talk to someone, talk to a friend a tree, or a counselor. Meditate, heal yourself, focus on the best thing and the future you would want to have and keep your faith alive. I did all and thankfully, we all came out. I do not know, how difficult this phase was supposed to be, maybe he protected us from much bigger and much more. So keep your faith alive.

Stay positive, stay together, deal with love, be patient!

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