If you want to change your life, change your thought process and how you feel about it.

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This girl who looked very shy called up and said please help me. I need your help. She was crying inconsolably. I asked her, who was she and why was she crying. She shared that she got my number online and she felt that I could help her. Her parents had died and she had been living with her aunt since the age of three. Though they supported her financially, but they always reminded her that how much they have obliged her. They also kept telling her, if she tried talking that she couyld get out of the house anytime she desired. She had put in a lot of efforts but whatever she did, it was never enough. She asked me what could she do?

Well, first of all, she had to stop looking at others for approval. This was not happening because it hasn’t happened in last many years. Because they decided never to approve of her. Then she had to tighten her seat belt and decide a time line, where she would do something, make something else out of her and then leave. Or if she decides not to leave then she feels better. At least she would have better peace of mind. She decided that. She suddenly found that out and focused on her studies and getting a job, rather than trying to work it out with her family. She had to go through that transistion phase but then she started her own line of work. She started making small pots and selling them online. It picked up and then no one could tell her that she was of no use.

But to do that, she had to change her thought process first:

She could make it.

She was worth it.

She deserved it.

She loved herself for whatever she is rather than depending on others love for her.

She was a nice and hardworking girl.

She would be successful.

She was young and beautiful.

She was earning and living a happy life.

It started reflecting in her behavior and then everything started working out.

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