He is always with us. It’s us who need to realize that he is there all the time.

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Have you seen God?

Yes and he has also seen me. He is in everyone and everything. Everyone has seen him.

Can you please explain more?

When the sun rises, it is everywhere. The sunlight tries to reach every part of the Earth It is us, who create think walls to block it. If we open up ourselves, we receive a never ending supply. God is the same. He is everywhere, penetrating every part of Earth and penetrating every cell of the body. We block it with our insecurities, doubts, ego and things like that.

How can we open upto God?

The only way to dismantle the wall is with love, faith and surrender.

Do you love God?

I am a selfish lover of God. Mostly, we are all selfish. We love him because we need something from him. I keep asking for more and more and he keeps giving. Still I guess I stick around.

Does he love you?

Totally unconditionally. He is there with everyone.

Does he love everyone?

Yes, he loves everyone. But like I said, we need to break the wall to let his light reach to us.

How do we surrender?

Just have faith and in your heart, know that he is there.

But what about people who do bad things?

Well, how would a parent react to a child who is doing bad things as per that parent? The parents would reprimand that child. I guess God also likes to discipline. So we call, something bad has happened. But when we do good, good happens to us and when we do bad, bad happens to us. And what if this law of karma is not there, then how the world would be? We would suffer most, without a check. It’s like all the criminals on lose without any police.

But he is there and when someone, genuinely seeks forgiveness, he is forgiven and everyone is always loved.

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