Always have a reason to wake up for and you will know why you are ready to give life all you have.

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I was sick and I was very sick. Still, I got up very early, did all I could, and then woke up my children and sent them to school on time. Whenever I have felt low, I have looked at them sleeping and felt the need to do more, stay fit better, and become a better human being. I have always felt the need to do all I can and push myself because of them. They give me a reason to wake up every day and do more things. And in return, I can see how well they are growing, how much love I receive from them, and when I see them happy and smiling, every effort is worth! A few days back, I asked a gentleman, what time he woke up and he shared that 3 am. I was so shocked. I asked him, what do you do so early and he said that I have the aim to create the world’s largest company. And he was giving it all he had. I was watching a movie made on famous badminton player Saina Naiwal which is a real-life biopic. She got up at 3 am every day since the age of 5 and practiced. Wow!

Life is precious. We need to work hard, have an aim, have a reason to get up, and give it all we have. If we do not have a reason, we get laid back and lazy. We may waste this precious life. We always need to have that fire to do more and push ourselves beyond limits to get more out of life. Everyone got 24 hours and whatever we have to achieve, we need to achieve within that time. Someone may have more physical strength and someone may have less. But our mind creates more strength depending on our intentions and commitment.

So give it all and give it more and you will have all that you desire from life.

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