One healing therapy we all can offer to anyone is, listening without judgment. Offer your healing ears to your loved ones.

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A few years back, I was going through a very tough phase. I was sad and low, and I guess that is an understatement. I was broke and devastated. I wanted someone to listen to me, but whenever someone heard a little, no one was bothered and on top of that, I received their opinions and a few bad things which hurt me further. I could not nurse my broken heart with anyone’s help. I sat in the park with my back resting on a tree’s trunk. I was thinking of everything and I felt the tree was listening to me with love and did not say anything. Just kept listening with love. I felt the healing and I felt relief.

I realized, this is what we all need. We all have gone through a lot of challenges and we all keep going through many. Sometimes, it’s physical, sometimes, mental, emotional or financial. One challenge brings another in the package. Financial challenges bring stress and then may start affecting health. Physical challenge has its own stress and then it starts affecting emotions. One of the biggest therapy is to share that pain, get it out, to get the suffering out without any fear or wondering, what the other person would think of me. We want someone to listen to us and when the pain is out, a space is created, which gives us a different perspective and that also starts healing.

We all have that therapy available and we all can offer those healing ears to our loved ones or even to strangers. We don’t realize, how much pain we would heal from this Earth. How much love we would spread, if we can start offering healing ears.

We all can heal. We can heal ourselves and we can heal others just by being there with love. If nature can listen to us, God can listen to us, we can do that too. Be there with love.

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