Make your heart and mind divine, and your life will be divine and beautiful.

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I met a beautiful lady and sitting with her was so peaceful. It was a very big house, and it was full of positive energy. So many times, we compare having money with egotistic behavior, and it is not necessary. She offered tea and i really wanted to have tea. She went into the kitchen and personally supervised the snacks. There were at least five servants and I could see they were all so happy and laughing. I remembered once visiting an orphanage with someone. The kids were naughty and happy. He smiled and said, seems like they are well taken care of, otherwise in orphanages, kids are found scared. The same thing I have seen with servants. They are generally uptight. But here they were, happy and laughing. There were so many plants around the living room. Big house but no expensive interior. But sitting there was such a beautiful experience. i wanted to keep sitting there. I looked outside the house from the glass and I saw the sun light and the house was full of light.

So I started talking to her and she was laughing herself. She shared that everyone is so nice, I wonder what good I have done. The servants were taking care of her. One neighbor brought something to eat, and she filled up that plate with some sweets. She hugged her, saying, we shall never give empty plates back.

And while talking to her, I realized her house was no less than a place of worship. She felt God was there in everyone’s heart and like she would treat God, she had to treat everyone. I could feel her divinity and I wanted to soak that more and more. i realized, the peace I was feeling was the divinity which was coming from her heart, which had made her whole home such a divine place. It came with gratitude in her heart, from the compassion she followed and the love she gave. The light she spread was no less than the sunlight which was entering into her house.

I asked her if she had some challenges in life, and she laughed. She said that, they come to make us better and improve things. They push us to correct things. How beautiful!

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