One day we all have to face what we have been fearing most. So better we handle that now.

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He wanted to be a job but his family situation became like this and he had to join his father in the business. His father also kept taunting him that he had to come became he had nowhere else to go. Somewhere, their equation was not coming together. He slipped into depression, kept working, kept complaining, and kept piling up the health issues. He did not know what else to do. He had two kids and a wife. He felt that if he stopped going to the office, he might not get the financial support to take care of his family. However, one day he decided to take his own decision. He told his father he would start his own business and he would not take any funds from him. He managed on minimal, focused on bigger, and kept his father alive, and after two years, his business started flourishing. But he had to work hard. He took a small loan from his friend, he moved around on the bike and things started turning around.

He complained for 10 years and nothing changed, he took a decision and things changed. Yes, we all have to go through what we have been fearing. He was fearing those two years which he anyway had to go through sometimes. We need to take charge of our minds and life. Once we do that, things change, and life changes.

Deep down, we all have that guidance. We all know, one day it has to happen and there is no other way. We all know that what if. It’s better if we accept it and take action on the inevitable rather than postponing it.

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