No one can have a strong relationship without having to fight for it.

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He grew up in a patriarchal rich family. He was told that he had to keep his wife under control and also if he would listen to her, he would be henpecked. He also did not need her, she needed him more. He needed her only to have children, which he could have anywhere. He did not treat his wife with love and respect. She left him even after having two children. She told him, she would manage but not under his ego. Well, he saw everyone drifting away. His brother got busy with his family, and his brother’s children also got married, and how they took care of each other. He wondered why he was trained negatively. Well, at the age of 45, he realized, if the servant did not make food for him, he did not have food to eat. His parents had already gone by that time. His Sister In Law denied taking care of him. He wondered what would he do with the money if he did not even have food to eat. When he was sick, no one offered him water and he wondered if that’s why we all need a relationship. To take care of each other in thick and thin. The moment he realized that he cried in silence that how he destroyed his own life. He went to his wife who was in a very sad state because of lack of money. She kicked him out saying that he did not bother about her which is acceptable but why he did not bother about his children? Why he never thought that they would need his help and care?

Children hated him, abused him, and kicked him out but he accepted everything and kept doing everything he could for one year and after one year, he could build a little trust that he had really changed. Well, he fought for it and he got it.

This might be an extreme case but we all have to value our relationships, treat them with love and respect, make every effort to keep it strong.

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