I have walked through every storm of life holding his hand.

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There is a very famous story. Once a gentleman meets God and asks, how much have you helped me? God shows him the footprints. There were two sets of footprints. God says I have always walked with you. But at some places, there was only one set of footprints. The gentleman asks why there is only one? God replied that it was your tough time. So he asks, so you left me alone in my tough time? God smiles and says my child, this is the time, I carried you!

And I truly believe in this. We all go through various situations. Sometimes, it just seems impossible to see an end. Sometimes it feels like it’s only a dark road ahead. We lose our faith, we wonder, if we have to be that strong or from where we will find that strength, or if we are alone. But then there comes a moment where we surrender and we find the strength we need. Our faith gets restored as we can feel his hand holding us and walking us through the storm. We feel strong but deep down we know it’s his strength making us stronger at that moment and when we reach the end and we find the new morning, we know it’s him, who has brought that sunlight.

I have walked through the toughest situations in life holding his hand. I felt him pick me up from the ground. Once I remember a gentleman, he was going through a very tough phase of life and he was totally against God. But when he found his faith, he found his path and he was able to handle everything.

I just want to say, whatever the situation, big or small, have faith, surrender and ask him to be your guide. When he guided, Arjun won the Mahabharat. When he becomes our charioteer we can win any battle too.

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