No healing is above own karma and a positive thought process.

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Why do I write about healing these days? Because these days, I receive a lot of requests about healing how people can start healing.

Does healing work? Yes

Can we heal ourselves? Yes we all can.

Can we heal others? Yes!

Can we heal anything? Yes!

What all we can heal? We can heal health, relationship, finances, this Earth and everything we can think of. Where ever there is a pain, it can be healed.

How do we heal?

We all have been blessed with an amazing power of manifestation and creation. With a pure intent, if we can think of a better version of whatever we are trying to heal or if we can see, the situation or person already healed, the healing starts happening.

How affective is that?

Healing or light also works with the improvement in the Karma and thought process. Because that is the place from where all the problems originated. A gentleman’s heart was affected. Doctor asked him to follow a few protocols and goo for a walk daily. He took the medicines but did not follow anhything else. Would the medicine work?

A gentleman had aggression issues and when he suppressed that, he got panic attacks. He asked if he could be healed. It always worked only for sometimes. However, he started getting healed when he started teaching small children in his locality. He wondered how it helped. Well, he helped so he got helped. The second thing is, somewhere it put a break on his constant aggressive thoughts which relaxed him. He was now more focused on how he could help those children rather than what was wrong in others and his life.

So if you really want to heal yourself and your life, start doing the right things, and also start thinking positively. Follow gratitude, follow forgiveness, follow love.

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