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Someone called up and asked, are you scared of the virus? Are you scared of the third wave? And my answer is no. I get more scared of the life which gets restricted at that time. It takes away my freedom.

So you think the deaths are fake? No, they are alarming and during the second wave, I was scared of picking up my phone. Every morning call was a death news.

Then why are you not scared for yourself and family? Well, I know if we follow a few things immunity is good and I have faith in him. He is taking care of everyone.

So what do we have to do?

I do not know if medicines are working. I do not know if vaccine is working or not. I know a few who are vaccinated and were diagnosed with Covid fever. I know some people who haven’t developed any antibodies even after double vaccination. So I know for sure, our immunity will definitely work.

Immunity comes from overall health of our body which includes healthy and peaceful mind, physical health and emotional well-being. If someone is unhappy, his immunity goes down. If someone is stressed, has anxiety, his immunity goes down. So many people call me and tell me that they had a fight and next day they fell sick. The reason is, when we go down emotionally, it takes us down physically. So the viruses in the air, which we were able to ward off very easily become stronger than us, and we contract infection. And we need to eat a very natural and healthy diet like more of fruits, vegetables etc.

We need to stay closer to nature, take a walk, take enough sunlight, spend time on ground and do our exercises. All these things help, and we have scientific papers for that. When we spend time with nature, nature heals us, grounds our energy and also, adjusts us with the changes in it.

We need to make an effort to get rid of any emotion which is hurting us. Forgive anyone, feel grateful and stay away from people we know anyway who hurt us.

And we need to have faith that he has a plan and taking care of us.

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