Never ignore your mental health. A happy and peaceful mind is as important as a healthy body. One cannot exist without another.

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A gentleman was all healthy. He had an athletic body. At the age of 23 his father died. He had to take the responsibility of his family. They had good money flow and it was a recurring income. Financially there was no change. However, he felt responsible for his mother, sister and his father’s other family members. He was doing all but it started eating him up. He felt he could no longer have his own life which he had desired. He started feeling scared of getting married also. He thought that what if his wife will not support his family. He was under so much of stress that one day he collapsed on the office table. Doctors shared that it was because of his stress level. And he had to be on bed rest for a few days.

One lady was walking properly and going for a walk. Suddenly she heard that her son has decided to shift out and he wants to live alone. She had always thought that my son would never do that. She went into a shock and she felt that how I would move ahead in my life now. She fainted and then for one year she was on wheel chair. She could not. May be the thought of thinking that how would I move ahead or I cannot move on.

Stress can kill us. In Hindi, we have a famous proverb that “Chinta Chita Saman”. This means stress creates your pyre. Yes, we all have stress but we need to see how it is not impacting us emotionally. We need to take actions that lead us to have a peaceful and loving life. Which makes us feel better about ourselves. We also need to accept life with his grace and surrender. We need to work on our mental peace and happiness. Or else, our bad mental health will create bad physical health.

A lady shared her experience as a cancer survior. She shared that she was always in bad moods. She always used to shout at people, criticise them etc. But when cancer happened she asked herself, what was it for? What did she get? Because when she wanted to be perfect, she always made others lives difficult, all the justification she had was that she was helping them. But deep down, she knew she made people feel bad, they thought bad of her and she also did not like herself. After diagnosing with cancer she worked on her thought process. Where she started taking actions based on love and also, she started appreciating herself. She started feeling relaxed and her cancer started healing.

So work on your mental health. Stay positive, stay peaceful, stay happy.

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