Having faith in him is not optional. We would keep discovering that always. We are who he is.

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Q: Can we not believe in God?

No, it is not possible. We always believe and we always know that there is a power who is taking care of the entire system. We believe that there are miracles happening. We believe that Karma is happening. We believe that somehwre he is taking care of us and we will be fine.

Q: What if someone still says?

Does it matter? I remember a discussion with a friend, whom I used to help a lot in his difficult times. He said that I do not believe in God. And I asked him why you do not believe in God? He said that he believed in me as I was helping him more than the God. I started laughing because I believe in God. Whatever I do, I always believe that God is helping me. And I also believed that the God was helping him. So if he feklt that I was helping him, in reality God helped him through me. So actually God helped him. I would not have been able to help him, without my faith in God. He was speechless.

Now, let me ask you a question, why you do not want to believe in God? BEcause? You have never seen it. Because he is not physically there. Or may be we have been told to question the faith. However, the fact is, we do not see many things in physical form, still we know they exist. Can we see the fragrance of a flower? Can we see the air? Yes we can feel them. In the same way, we can feel his grace. He is there. Don’t we feel that? Don’tw e feel that light? Don’t we feel that strength with faith? Don’t we feel that we will be fine, if he is with us. Don’t we feel the beauty in everything. Don’t we feel the compulsion to help?

Yes, we all have that light where we all want to do good and we all want to help each other genuinely. We all have that part of God inside us. And that’s why whether we believe that or not, we will keep finding him. We will find ourselves turning to him again and again ebcause this is where we see liught. this is where we feel strength. Without him, we have no strength.

We do not have to fight this inside us. We just have to surrender and accept and embrace it with love. We will see how strong we are. We will see how we grow with love with him.

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