Life does not solve with escape routes. We need to face all the challenges and solve them.

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Marriages are tricky. We all try to save them at every cost. But sometimes it becomes very difficult. A lady called up. She has a 8 years old child. She used to face problems with her mother in law and her husband started an affair. The reason he gave was that he could not tolerate all the fights. He wanted to marry the new muse. She asked him if she won’t divorce him, he said that he would continue and she could keep living inside the house. The lady is working but does not know what would she do in life. She felt that he would marry and she would have none.

But no one realizes, happiness and love are eluding, if we feel will reach somewhere and then find them, we will never. They are now within us. So she agrees to divorce him and then that new lady love has so many conditions. I would not live with your mother, I would not do this chore etc. He wondered if he made the right decision and he wanted to come back. But this time the lady said no.

I always wonder where is this all headed. Why are we not clear about the priorities. Why are we focus only on the small-term escape? He got into an affair, it was an escape route. He again wanted to come back, without actually wanting to be with her, was an escape route. And he reached nowhere.

Similarly, a gentleman needed huge sum of money for his business. His friend offered him an illegal way out and he opted for that. But this kind of money is addicting. So he started doing that everytime. One day, he was caught. He had to lose his liscence, pay a big fine which put him into debts and he had to serve a little jail time also.

Do not try to escape when you face a challenge. Stay strong and fight it. It will solve. If you try to find an escape route, it will hold you by collar atthe unprepared time.

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