My peace depends on my actions, not others.

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Rumi said “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change others. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Yes, this is what we learn with age.

When we are young, we are disturbed because of others behavior. We feel bad, when someone says something, we feel bad when someone does not fulfil our expectations. We feel very bad when some politician has done something bad. We feel very sad, when a movie star is involved in some kind of racket. We feel angry when some businessman is a part of banking fraud. And we keep feeling bad and sad.

But we need to know something. No one can meet our expectations. Everyone is acting as per own thought process. Everyone is doing best or may not be doing best. If our mental peace depends on what others are doing and how others are acting, we would never be peaceful. I

So what shall we do?

Our mind is amazing. It can handle one thing at a time. It can focus on one thing at a time. It’s like a car can go on one road at a time. it cannot go in two different directions. So either we can focus on what wrong others are doing or we can focus on what right we are doing. So whenever there is a situation, always think, what is my intention in it. What right I can do. Be peaceful you are not the wrong doer. be peaceful, you did the right thing.

We call it karma or whatever. But What others have done is their Karma and what you are doing is your Karma. So focus on doing your Karma right. Once we start focusing on what we are doing, gradually we will see, we will be more peaceful!

Mental peace..above all.

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