Living this life is like a fairy dream if you hold his hand and surrender.

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Few times when I have surrendered deeply

When I was going through financial troubles and I felt like I could not manage it more. I cried sitting in front of him and said, I cannot manage it more, please take over from here. I could not get up for a long time. I do not know for how long I kept sitting. When I was walking back, I was peaceful. But within a week, things started changing. I could see the divine intervention. My husband said it many times that it seems like its not a divine intervention, it seems like divine himself is working.

When my daughters were two years old and doctors had suggested her minor eye operation. her tear ducts were closed. Everyone was scared because of her age and she was supposed to get general anaesthesia. I was crying when the doctor was explaining us the procedure. Final date was given to us. And I was crying in front of him also. But then my friend called up and gave reference of another doctor. We had tried many treatments and nothing had worked. So we visited another one just before the operation date. She was good within 6 days. We called up doctor and asked him, he said either tears are there or not there, observe it for one more week. And she was good. No operation required. I called up my mom and told her. My brother screamed, it’s like a miracle.

Then my health came in. I have always taken care of my health. Regular on my walks and eating healthy food. Not eating junk. But with kids, few things got compromised because of lack of time. And when my health started giving signals, apart from doctor (Which was not working), I looked at him again. I can see the difference in my health. Its coming back.

Then, it’s everyday. When I am calculating in my mind, how I can do it, how will things happen and then I get stressed, I ask him to intervene and take over. Generally it is in everyday and every time. He must be wondering if I ever plan to do anything and I am not. When he is there, why shall I bother. He can do it and I can depend on him. He can do it better than me. I can enjoy, smile, be peaceful and relax.

I have been living the happiest phase of my life. I am in my most peaceful mode. From outside, its lots of responsibilities and work, from inside I know, he is holding my hand and walking with me.

Trust him, have faith!

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