Find a place of love within yourself. Be there and you will be the most peaceful and happiest person.

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Two sisters got married to two brothers. They both were welcomed. So one day, their father came and met them. One looked very happy and one looked very disturbed. The father wondered what’s the reason. One shared that, she was very sad and unhappy in that house as she had lots of work. She never got time to rest. The other one shared that she was very happy as everyone was very nice. In two years, the first one had lots of fights with everyone and the second one was very peaceful within the same family.

One gentleman had relationship issues. His wife had issues with his mother too. So to create peace, he shifted out of town and moved to a different city. His mother would visit occasionally and the problems continued. He got an opportunity and he moved to America. But the problems continued. He was busier and his wife blamed him for the same thing.

We can never run away from the problems. We are creating our lives with our thoughts. Running away would never help. Because the problem is inside us. We may feel temporary relief. Like we take a painkiller. But because the reason for pain is not resolved, the pain comes back. Similarly, until we change the thought process, which is creating the problem, things around us will keep coming back.

So what shall we do?

What we do not realize is we all need peace and we all need love. We all want to feel joy. But we need to find that inside us in the same situation we are in. We need to find that gratitude, we need to find that faith, we need to find that everything is working out, we need to know that he is there, we need to know that we are the love, we need to know that we are creating things in our lives rather than thinking we are the victims of lives. We need ti find that place within us.

A peaceful mind will create peace around. A disturbed mind will disturb everything else.

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