Money is not above all and money is not below anything. We need it all, i.e love, health, and relationship. Ask for a balance.

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He loved his parents and they also gave him a very grounded and valued upbringing. However, they also gave him a thought process that, relationships are above all and along with that, we do not value money. We do not care about money. At the age of 35, he lost his job and he thought that he would get it again because he had always done the right thing. But he did not and many years passed. He kept saying, I do not value money. ( By the way, many people have this thought process where they subtrahend money). And then he started realizing the value of money and how important it is in our lives. He started valuing money and started asking God, please guide me, please give me abundance. After another two years, he found a job and he started growing again because, with his hard work, the company grew a lot.

She kept money above everything else. She felt that, if she would have money, people would be after her. They would treat her better including her own family members. But then she ended up getting married to someone who married her for her money and then eventually, they ended up in divorce. And then she found someone else and she realized even before getting married, he started asking her for money. She wondered if there are no good guys. There are, but what was she thinking? That money would get her everything. Of course, in that scenario, she got people who were after her for money. She realized it, changed herself, changed her thought process, and then she met someone who genuinely cared for her.

Some people think that money is everything and it can sort out everything. Some people think that money is of no value. And above all I feel, many ignore health. Well, the reality is, that we need it all. We need a healthy relationship, we need money, we need health. So create a balanced thought process. Do not put one behind the other. Everything has its own place.

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