Life is like a school bag. Whatever you put in, you will be able to take that out the next day. Add what you want to take out.

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I love my girls and I love talking to them. We all want to train them for the better side of life. We want to teach them right and wrong. We want them to make the right choices and we want them to be good human beings. So, my two girls are poles apart. One is observant and mature and the other one is carefree and playful. So the one who is playful is always playing and never listening and to the other one, you do not have to say anything. She anyway understands. They have their exams going on. So before sleeping, I ask them to bring their notebook and book to revise. They have a habit of bringing books from each other’s bags and then they get misplaced. So yesterday, when it happened, I ask them, can you take it out, if you haven’t put it in? She said no! And then life is like this. Whatever you want to take out, first you need to put in that bag. If you add stinking things, tomorrow what would you get? Now, the answer was, mamma, it would stink badly! Would you want to take that bag? No!

So what shall we add in? Think of it?

Some love, some happiness, some compassion, some giving, some honesty, some hard work, some respect for elders, some support for people around, some care for health, some care for nature, some support to its creatures, and whatever. Do we need to add it all? Yes, if we want it all!

Make it fragrant, make it beautiful, keep it full. Before taking it out, we need to add it!

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