If we can learn to see qualities instead of finding faults in others, we will discover our own good things too.

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He was always angry. He was tired of his own behavior. He wondered why he was always angry. His family was scared of him. No one wanted to spend much time with him because they did not know, that he would get angry. He would put them down and would tell them what was wrong with them and how it would damage their lives. His wife wanted to help him but she could not. It was also creating a wall between him and his children too. Whatever they did, it was never enough for him. He knew there was a problem but he did not know, how he could control his anger. Apart from relationships, his health also started getting effective.

Things changed when his friend asked him to see the good things in others for at least a week and do it every day. Even if he was spotting problems, he was suppossed to talk only about the qualities. It took an effort but he did it. He could feel gradually that he was relaxed, sleeping better and people were comfortable around him. Because when he saw the good things, he started trusting that things are good and he does not have to worry. Because he did not get angry at people, he did not feel bad internally that he had offended them.

He changed. He became a happy person. He became a positive person. He discovered this side of himself when he took the decision that he would look at only the qualities rather than problems.

Things do not change in one day. But our conscious decisions can help us and change things.

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