Manifestation of Dreams

sheetal Uncategorized

We all have dreams, we all want to achieve so many things in life and we set goals for ourselves. Some people achieve what they decide for and some do not, what is the reason that not everyone gets what he/she wants? Everyone is growing up in same environment and everyone faces same situations may be little up and down. How much you can bring your dreams to reality depends on how determined you are, your focus, hard work and your belief.

Let’s take them one by one, if you are not determined, on first or second failure you would quit your expedition, if you are not focused you will get diverted very soon, you will procrastinate things, you will find lots of other urgent and important things to do, if you are not working hard, anyway you cannot achieve what you have decided and last but not the least belief, belief in your self and your efforts and your goal, without that everything fails as you cannot put your efforts sincerely, you cannot utilize your potential and you will not be confident enough about your goal.

So to achieve any goal set by you, you need to have all these traits, and even if one is missing, reaching there would not be possible. It would just remain as a wishful thought.

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