Winning the self

sheetal Uncategorized

As they say, if you win yourself, no one can defeat you. What is winning the self? We all have lots of follies, so many times we all do so many things where we harm ownself, like indulging in certain acts someone may smoke, drink alcohol, eating something which we know isn’t good for health, doing something which may hurt, indulging in some momentarily pleasures and there could be many thing. Someone questioned me so we should curb our desires, you have to decide what should be the desire, there are the urges which are diverting you from ownself. You need to set your priorities and I am sure we all are selfish enough to know what is good for us and what is not, just that sometimes we are afloat with the desires which we know are harmful and we still do it. So get out of that rut. And win yourself over that you do not even have urge for the indulgence, coz if it is there, it would take you away from yourself.

Urges make you weak, if you get over your urges, you will take care of your weaknesses, after that you can use your brains and powers in elevating yourself and connecting yourself. Why do we fall in traps as we have weaknesses and we give in to those. Others take benefits of those and manipulates our insecurities, they could do it as we gave them a chance. The choice is yours.

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