Commitment for a Commitment

sheetal Uncategorized

We all commit in life, to a goal, to a partner, to whatever we decide, however, there are there types of people, one who quit on first failure and stay as a failure, second category is where they get complacent with first success and either stop putting efforts or ebb the intensity, third one is the one who is successful one, who keeps trying until he/she reaches goal. Now why is it that we have different categories?

It shows your commitment toward your commitment, everyone faces similar circumstance, we all have to cross same road blocks, same hurdles, economy is same for everyone, how you react to different situations depends son you. Some feel I am facing most of the problems but actually everyone faces some or other problems. Some one said, if we all keep our problems on a table, no one wud like to trade the places. So you have to decide how much committed you are for your commitment towards your goal? If you give up on first hurdle you will never reach where you wanted to and if you keep moving, you will surely reach.

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