If you have the right intentions, do not worry about how others will judge you. Take the next step.

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My friend came over for a cup of coffee. She looked pale, and I asked her if she was OK She became so sad and shared that she had been feeling a little numbness throughout her body. She is unable to hold things properly or do things of everyday routine. I asked her to get it checked. She is around 45. At this age, we do not know what might be starting in body. it’s better to nip in bud. She asked what if nothing is found in her body, it’s just a phase. Then it’s so good. But if everything turned out well, she would have to hear so many taunts from her in – laws, that she wasted so much money and she liked to create drama. Let them. She has a responsibility of staying healthy for herself and her family. What if something actually happens to her? Can she imagine her family’s life without her? She got herself checked and everything turned out good. Just that her anxiety levels were shooting up. I am so relieved that she is ok that way. And yes, if she is doing the right thing she did not have to worry about what others will think of her. It’s not her job. It’s their job.

One gentleman shared his experience. When he was seventeen years old, he wanted to start a business. His family told him, he would waste money and he did not. He had the idea and later on he saw someone else successfully implementing the idea. At the age of 25, it happened again, but this time it did not deter him. He started, he faced the challenges and at the age of thirty, he was running a successful business. He had to listen to many people during that time and he wondered if he could make it. But he knew he would and he kept charging ahaed.

Everyone has their own way of thinking and saying things. We have no right to say things to others, especially if we feel they are doing the right thing or may be wrong as per us. But still, we would hear many things from others and people would judge us. So we need to have faith, trust our own intentions, focus on the goal, keep doing the right thing and move ahead. We shall make sure that those things do not fall on weak ears. They fall on rocks and get washed away. That’s the way to grow in life.

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