Earn your love, earn your respect and you will never be insecure.

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She was beautiful and graceful. However, when she was a child, her mother was very apprehensive. Everyone would tell her mother that if you do not keep her grounded, she would become very proud and she may lose her. So her mother always taunted her about her beauty. She grew up and she always cursed herself for being beautiful. She thought that the outside world underrated her because of her beauty and she had to go through so much because of her beauty. She always under dressed. If someone complimented her, she got scared.

Because of her circumstances, she lacked self-love. She also started thinking that she did not deserve love because she was beautiful. She met a man, who also treated her the same. She kept becoming insecure thinking that she lacked substance and that if she had to keep her man, she had to tolerate every abuse. I guess that is how our thought process works. For everything he would taunt her that if she thinks she is beautiful, she could get away with anything, then she was wrong. And she slipped into depression. They went through a divorce and she was on the verge of committing suicide as she thought that this was the only way to get rid of her beauty. It was her enemy as per her.

But is it true?

Her friend took her to some special healing sessions where she realized that she had to love herself. She was blessed not cursed. She could do much more. Who so ever did not treat her right, it was their problem. And if she would treat herself with love and respect, then only others would do so. So started doing all she could to appreciate herself. It did not mean involving in narcissistic behavior. She read books, helped small children, participated in activities, and joined social help groups, where she started helping. It boosted her confidence and she could look at herself, beyond her beauty and she also realized she was beautiful inside and outside. She was no longer depressed. The more she treated herself with love and respect, the more she realized people did the same. More she looked at herself beyond her beauty, more people looked at her for her mind and substance.

Love yourself. Do things that make you fall in love with yourself more and more. Respect yourself.

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