If you want to achieve more, trust yourself more rather than expecting more.

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Sometimes, when I sit and look at the abundance of God around me, I feel so grateful. I look at the trees, the birds, the sun, and the breeze. Everything is so beautiful. And when I was appreciating the creation, I saw a bird. She was feeding her small birdlings. She had a hidden nest. I wondered if she trusted someone else for what she needed. We all know, that birds fly miles to arrange their food and everyone is working for themselves. Made me recall the famous proverb. That the birds trust their own wings during a storm rather than the tree branch.

I meet different kinds of people. Some people have achieved a lot and some people have sat back and cribbed and slipped into depression. What I have seen is, people who have achieved a lot, always trusted themselves more. They worked hard, and always asked, what more I could do. They hold no one responsible for their decisions, for their success or failures. They know, they are responsible for their lives. They are not arrogant, they are more humble. They just know, what they can do, because they have been doing that. People who have failed were dependent on others more, they expected more and that’s why they complain more. He/she did not do this or that for me.

A lot of times, we look at life from the spectator’s view and complain, that others did not play well. But come one, it’s our life, we gotta step into the ground and start playing. The more we would play, the more we would succeed and the more we would learn. The more we would grow and the more we would know, from whom to expect.

Do more, expect less. It’s your life. You will be happier and peaceful.

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