Nothing can be achieved with manipulation and wrong intentions. The being has to be pure.

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He was depressed. He shared that, he worked hard but he did not get the results. So he stopped working hard. Then he started finding the sideways and he became successful. He was politicking, he was bitching against others, he was pulling others down and he kept rising. But then one day, he was caught and he had to lose the job. He thought he would become the head of the company and he was so focused on that. But then he shared that he did not know, what was right for him.

I asked him, what he was the boss of the company? What if he was the company himself? How he would have felt? Let’s say, in the terms of energy, nothing is hidden. When he was working hard, that too. And when he was harming others, that too. What if, his growth was because of him working hard previously? Everything works in a cycle and it takes time for things to come back. But they do come back.

Whatever we are asking for, it’s there, already there. But we can never have anything by harming others or not working for it. When we focus on something, it sets out the right energy in the right direction and opens up the right doors. However, when we start with a wrong intention or manipulation, then that also opens up its own channels. If all the channels are getting opened with the energy of intentions we send out, then manipulations and wrong intentions will also open up own channels.

So do good, think good, focus on abundance, think of health, focus on love and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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