Fear in our hearts will not heal the collective problem. The love and kindness will. The truth and Dharma will.

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Just two months back, we felt that it’s already over. And here it’s there again. Bigger than last time. Everyone is scared. Everyone’s heart is filled up with fear. But is it helping? Is it healing the situation?

Why does a problem happen at personal level? Why does a problem happen at mass level? The negativity in our hearts, strengthens the problems. The negativity in our hearts increases the problems. And when there is a problem at mass level, it reflects our collective Karma. It reflects our collective negativity. So when we are filled up with fear at mass level, we are increasing the problem. No healing can happen with fear in our hearts.

Any kind of healing can happen with love and kindness in our hearts. Any kind of healing can start happening with the truth and honesty in our hearts. Any kind of healing can happen with the path of Dharma we follow. What does Dharma say, following love, compassion, truth, honesty and helping each other. If we start following Dharma, any kind of negativity can start going away and everything will start getting healed.

When Kalyuga was entering into this world, he took the permission to live in Gold but which is not earned honestly. So it means, if the money is earned honestly, even Kalyuga cannot impact that. We need to follow this.

So what needs to be done?

Sit everyday for sometimes

  1. See everything in the better light.
  2. Release your fears, have faith.
  3. Fill up your heart with love and compassion. If it’s difficult to fill up with love instead of fear this time, change your focus. Focus on the things which can give you love.
  4. Follow honesty and truth. Speak truth, follow truth. That itself will start healing many things.
  5. If Bad karma can affect our lives, collective bad karma can have collective bad affect.
  6. Focus on healing rather than taking.
  7. Focus on faith rather than fear.

It’s a collective problem, we all need to make an effort to heal it collectively.

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