Grateful to my mother for doing everything for me and making me who I am.

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My mother in law passed away 2 years back and my husband has still not been able to handle the grief completely. He feels emotional when he talks about his mother. He feels sad that after her death he realized how much a mother does. When he brushes he thinks of her, that she taught him how to brush teeth, she taught him how to wear clothes, she taught him how to eat food, how to walk, how to think right when she gave him values and the list would never end.

And he is right. When he talks like that, it always brings back my memory of childhood. How my mother used to teach me to make food, roll out chappattis, she taught me how to stay positive, my resilience, everything has come from her. She taught me how to respect elders, everything. Can I ever repay her? NEVER!!

How can I serve her better?

Be being grateful to her. By being loving to her. By being respectful to her. And also, by serving elders who are with me. Its the Universal cycle. I cannot be directly with my mother, but I have someone else. Who has taken care of someone else for me. When I have served them with love, I feel I have somewhere returned atleast 2 % of what she has done for me. I can never repay more than that I feel.

So I am grateful for a wonderful mom and grateful that God has given mom to everyone!

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