The light is inside you..!

sheetal Uncategorized

Everything is inside us..if we have created the question, so ofcourse we know the answer..just that we dont realise it…that we are the question and we are the answer… we create them and then we ask why do they find the answer now…

If I follow the theory of evolution things evolved from single cell so we all are part of each other, we are one and we are the everyone carries same spirit and same light..we drop the self and realise this..the question is solved…

When the things take a shape in physical world and emerge from light, we need to find that light and that light is inside you, once you find that light that search is dont need to search need to feel..when you search it you search it outside and then you can never find it..when you drop find it and you become the light yourself as you find the trueself.

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