More you get more jealous you are!

sheetal Uncategorized

Its simple, more you get more jealous you want everything for yourself in life don’t want to share and if someone else is getting a little bit that’s the problem you thought you deserve all the goodies well..if you do not have even tiniest or may be you do not realize you have something..then if someone else is getting you may be little jealous that I wish I could get a little bit but when you get more you feel I should have all..what kinda appetite you have..more you get more you are never satiated.

I saw two sisters today, we all are blessed by God equally in one way or another way and life has own way of keeping balance. One sister is more blessed in terms of few of the parameters defined by society like looks and the accolades which come to her, almost 99% accolades come in her lap and the poor second one rarely receives 1%. Now when she receives 1% then the blessed one thinks why is she getting this I should have been appreciated on this and next time she tries to make sure that, that 1% also comes to her..well this is something as self obsession…

More you get more you want! Simple!!

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