Life is all about living it

sheetal Uncategorized

Well I dont know..I dont think I can define life..yesterday someone told me that I am sounding like those preachers..saints….who give loads of lectures …PRAVACHAN…oops..I never meant to be like them…I dont know in a way I abhor them….I never mean that someone should listen to what i am saying..what i mean is what i feel…why should I care if someone is listening or reading me..thats why i am writing here..I dont know if someone reads me….

But I do care is I speak what i feel and I do what i speak…I have to be honest to myself, which is most important to me….coz if I dont then I wont be able to look at myself in the mirror..thats why it is called as mirror, it shows you what you are….I wont feel that i am living my life if I dont follow my heart, in that case I would feel i am just breathing…to live the life its important to do what you want to not what you are suppose to….

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