God is having fun!

sheetal Uncategorized

So what is enlightenment…you realize the self and when you realize you get to know that there is no self its only thyself.. when you realize that we all are part of god and he is the only one…he is the light of everyone..thats the ultimate purpose of living this life…rest everything is futile…so the purpose assigned is to find the self

Now the big question is..God created us..he created our free will..he created emotions..so he created the sense of right n wrong n he created the bad world too…n he created this quest too….if the purpose of this life is to find self..which is thyself then why did he create us…

why the hack god loaded us w/ emotions, desires, good n bad and every nonsense and then he wants us to rise above all this to get amalgamated into himself…oops..I m so confused!

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