Life is fun!

sheetal Uncategorized

Well..depends on you how much funfull you want it to be? I love it…running around here and there..some tension..some stress..getting the work done…sometimes you want to collapse..sometimes you wanna scream..sometimes you just wanna close your eyes and sometimes you feel thats it..its a perfect moment I do not need anything else in life..well..I think these are the feelings everyone faces and this is all about living your accept it and things become perfect..they do not become perfect coz you want them to be in a certain way..they become perfect coz you feel they are perfect..thats all, this is is the way you look at it..if you feel its incomplete and you need many more lives to live..believe me you are loosing the life you have now and when you have the so called defined perfect moment you will feel its not perfect as per the present situation and it might have been perfect as per whats the conclusionyou lost earlier and you are loosing it again….and you would never be able to is always perfect..just accept it as perfect and keep playing your becomes so much fun…its always fun….

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