Life gets better when our thoughts and our deeds get better.

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He grew up in an environment, where he was told that everything was fair in love and war, and you could do anything for money. Money has to come. He was never told that there could be bad consequences of doing bad. But this Universe has its own way of training us and we all have an embedded system in our DNA which guides us. He also learned but he ebbed that voice. He learned in school but he kept justifying, saying, others are also doing, and they look fine. He cheated on his wife, he took loans and declared bankruptcy and evaded to another country. He fell sick, contracted cancer. That’s when he called back and said, the pain I am going through reflects the life, I have lived. I wish, I followed the right path. He was bed ridden for 8 years in extreme pain. He wondered what could he do?

I really can’t decide what karma can bring and how much needs to be reversed for that. However, I do know one thing, that when we do bad, we have bad karma and when we do good, we have good karma. The only way to reverse things is by doing good, and he started doing good. Daily, he would get up, help people, teach kids, whom so ever he could. He realized, he was much more peaceful. He started following gratitude rather than feeling ego and then cursing everything. His pain started reducing and he started sleeping better. He started feeling better. And he died in peace and in much lesser pain.

He went through a divorce and then a few breakups. His astrologer told him, he would never have a peaceful and good relationship. He wanted to have a family. He was the only child. He was a nice man. His mother died when he was small and he felt that he needed that feminine touch in his life. However, he just could not get that. He started helping, he started following the route of giving and gratitude. He decided that he would remain positive rather than negative all the time. Whenever he saw a couple, instead of feeling bad for himself, he started blessing them and where ever he saw someone in need, he helped. He distributed food, he distributed water, and he helped as many as he could. After five years, he met a nice girl and he fel that he could never be happier.

He was in a financial mess for 13 years. He felt that there is no end to everything, but he had to change that thought process, which he could not. He started writing all day, that his business was running good, he was healthy and he was grateful for that. After one year, things started changing and his work started growing.

I feel sad, when I see people stuck in bad phases forever. When it’s a phase, it’s fine but when it’s years, I feel sad. Please get up. Do not stay there. Nothing is forever. Even if it’s karma, start thinking good and doing good. Somewhere, the cycle will start reversing. Things will get abundant in every way.

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