Children shall be trained to live with love and meet friends of all age groups and statuses. They will grow up to be better and happier.

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He is fifteen years old, he sits in the room whole day, playing video games or studying. He has problem talking to his friends and meet them. He is angry most of the times and everyone is scared if they have to go near to him.

She sleeps at her friend’s place most of the time. She does not like to talk to her parents. She is very rude to her servants and she is in depression. If her parents ask her anything forcefully, she warns them that she would commit sucide.

He is 24, and grew up in a hostel as his parents were working. He did not want to go, but his parents forced him. They always gave him expensive gifts. Now, when they come into his room, he throws things at them and tells them that they are the worst parents.

They are twin sisters and their parents are really doing well. Their parents did not let them meet or make friends, saying they were not of their status. When they grew up, they did not respect their parents, and did not go and meet anyone, saying no one matches upto their standards. They never participated in anything and they did not respect anyone coming to their home.

I hear such stories so many times and I feel sad. I wonder, why we stop children and we train them to judge others. Wy we train them to judge people on the basis of financial status. Why we train them, not to respect every human being. Why are we not training them, on love and how to live with love and respect for everyone.

We need to see or envision, what kind of human being, we would want our children to be and then we need to start training them on that. We need to set them free and a free soul is always happier. What is our purpose? Don’t we want our children to be happy in future? If they will grow upto be better human beings, they will be happier. If they will have friends, they will be happier.

If you want them to feel like a prince or princess, train them, but then the real king is always kind and loving. History does not remember rude and arrogant kings with love.

Train your children to love and respect everyone. Train your children to create a social life. Let them be a part of this society. So that, they can grow upto be better human beings and serve this society. We all need loving individuals.

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