Food is prepared well when made with divine intentions and so is all other work. Be a channel for the divine.

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It is very famous in India that food prepared for divine offering (Prasad) is always tasty. Even if it is prepared with least spices and things. And we all have seen the difference. I have also seen, that when any food which is prepared at home with the same intentions or calling upon the divine, i.e. God, please prepare this food, so that everyone is happy and healthy after eating it, it turns out well.

Our intentions have the power to turn around the energies of the entire Universe. If they are genuine and for the well being of everyone, they are always backed up by the divine. Recently, a lady shared her story. She was supporting blind and leprosy beggars every week with food and her husband was having a financial crunch. She prayed that God, please do not stop this work of yours, please continue and the next day, her husband came and gave her cash saying, please continue your support. She wondered, how the miracle happened as he had denied earlier due to financial crunch.

Another lady shared that she always wanted to start a business, but she could not. She wanted to grow, however, she did not get enough time from the family. Every night she prayed to God to help her start, and eventually she started her home – based cooking and it became very popular. She was earning well and she was always busy with that.

Challenges are there in life, and they are there for a reason. However, when we set the dvine intentions, we surrender along, everything starts falling into place. Our intentions are the motivation behind any work we do. It decides the success. If our intentions are not genuine, then things will always go in the wrong direction.

How can we start that?

When going to doctor: Set your intentions, God please guide me to the right treatment which helps me in healing this body.

When doing any work, God please complete this work successfully or the desired result.

When in an argument: God please solve everything with love in the highest interest of everyone.

And..keep setting the positive intentions.

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