Do not suppress your pain. Share it and release it. Any kind of suppression is not good for you or the people around you.

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She fell sick and kept falling sick. No doctor could help her, no medicine could help her. When she contacted a counselor, she found out that since child hood she had suppressed her emotions and from the inside, she was not happy. Whenever something happened she blamed herself. When a problem happened with her husband also she blamed herself. This is how she had grown up. However, when she shared and found out so many things which she was not responsible for and even if she was, she could let them go and forgive herself, she felt light. Her health started improving and her relationship too. She looked healthier, happier and vibrant. She smiled more often.

When he was small, he was pampered. He built an entitlement and arrogance. His father died at the age of 15 and he had to lose everything. he started working hard to take care of his family. But now, no one pampered him. He was going through a tough time and he suppressed all his emotions around. Whenever he felt angry or tried talking to anyone, he was told, this is how life is. You have no right to speak up now. He was becoming like a volcano. One day, when he was driving back from the office, he became a part of a road rage issue. He started hitting the other person. A policeman intervened. at that time he realized, he had to do something about it. He was angry at the entire world. But was this one day anger? Or was it the suppressed anger and pain of many years? I guess the latter. After many discussions and talking about it, he was able to feel the peace. After that, he could choose to get married. Before that, he was always scared that he would end up hurting his partner.

Talk about your pain. Release it. When someone else is talking, let them talk and share. Do not judge or do not generalize. It may be common still we all have own share. Fill up their lives with love. Fill up your life with love.

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