The one who is inside you can never be away from you. Such is his love, so that he can always be there.

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Can essence be away from a flower? Can light be away from sun? Can flow of a river be away from it? Can it happen that we are still breathing, and he is not there inside us?

Our very essence is him. The very essence of everything is him. The. essence of Universe is him. He is never away from anything. If something is there, then he is there or that thing itself would not exist. I remember, the story which I heard in my childhood. It’s the famous story of a devotee of God. Bhakt Prahlad. His father was a demon named Hrinyakashyap, who tortured him a lot for his love for the God. Finally, on the judgement day, he asked Prahalad, if your God is everywhere, is he there in this pillar also? And Prahlad said yes. So the king started hitting the pillar. God appeared from that pillar as Narsingh Avtar and killed the king.

He is there everywhere.

A few days back, someone asked and questioned and I kept listening quietly. HE asked me, do you trust him and I said yes. He said have you seen him? I said yes and I see him in everything and everyone. Why do I need to see him in a picture which my mind has? I see him in everything I do and everything I believe in. He has taken care of me on every step. He has been holding my hand always. He is guiding me always. He is protecting me always. It is like a mother is doing everything for the child every day and one day the child says, show me what you are doing for me. From the time of the birth, this giving starts as she is forming your body from her body and it continues till the time we are breathing as our body is formed from her body. Our body is formed from this cosmos. From the five basic elements, so he conceived us. How can he be away? He is there in every breath we take. He always loves us. He loves us so much that he created us and he is there inside us, so that he can guide us, protect us and be there for us.

Thank you, God. Thank you for creating us. For being there with us. thank you for guiding and protecting us. Thank you for challenging us, so that we can grow. Thank you, God, for the love you have given to us. And Thank you eternally for everything which we know you have done and sometimes, we do not know, is done for us.

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