Giving with gratitude is as important as receiving with gratitude.

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We were crossing a red light and a child came seeking something. We gave him a packet of biscuits and I said thank you. My daughter asked me, why did you say thank you when you are not taking anything from him. Well, there are many reasons but the first one is, God has been so kind and we have so much that we are able to share. Thank you, God, we are able to share. Second thing is, we get an opportunity to share and there is someone who is ready to receive from us. I remember a gentleman, he started putting grains for birds and for a week, no bird came to eat. Then he prayed and the birds started feeding there. And there are many more like when we give we heal. When we give we spread love. When we give, we open up channels of reciving. When we give, we also receive love from the person who is reciving from us. It’s never ending. I can keep writing about giving. I have seen how theraputic it is.

So the next question came in, a big one. Mommy, what if someone does not have enough to give, what would they do? Well, first thing, no one is that poor that he/she cannot give anything. Because we all have love, we all have our genuine heart, we all have prayers, and we all have our kindness. Sometimes, when we do not have physical resources to share, we can share much more from the heart and no one shall be that poor that they are not able to share love. When we do not have physical resources, we can start by sharing so much from hearta nd then we will see a shift in our lives and we can start sharing more.

Mommy, what if someone does not give or share? Well, let’s say, I give one chocolate to your sister and ask her to share with you and she does not share. What will happen? I will come and tell you. So what shall I do next time? Well, you shall not trust her if she continues to do so and you shall not give her the choclate for me because she would not share. Exactly, this is what happens, whenw e do not share. And what if she shared honestly? Well you will continue giving her more, so that she can keep sharing. So you have the answer. God is giving us goodies and continues to give us, if we keep sharing!

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